Luminous Wall Mural Sydney

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Illuminating 3D Sydney Photo Wall Mural is a great place for interior design of residential or commercial spaces. There are the last pieces left and after the sale there will be no more on the market!

Dimensions: 350x135cm

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Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 350 x 135cm

Gross price: Invoices include VAT 23% (Article 113(1))Material: Canvas made of polyester (not paper)Required UV Blue lighting (best LED) Category: Tags: , , , , , ,


Sydney 3D wall mural recommended for walls

Luminous Wall Mural Sydney is a luminous very impressive textile wallpaper (3D wall lining, depicting the Sydney Opera House). It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

luminous wall mural sydney 1 - Luminous Wall Mural Sydney

Recommended for restaurants, bars, hotels, guesthouses, wedding houses, offices and common rooms. Perfectly suited for dark rooms. This is wallpaper in one piece with a lengthof 350cm and a height of 135cm.Great solution for walls!

glow in the dark decor passage 2 - Luminous Wall Mural Sydney

This is a great 3D wallpaper or 3D image, which along with others you will find on the Yacht Wallpaper Shop page.
From a distance, it is very realistic as if you were watching a glowing live image during the setting sun. It really is a great canvas wallpaper to decorate your interior.

Take a look at the interior design photos, you will feel the atmosphere created by our 3D wall murals. We have here the biggest city in Australia Sydney in the form of a wallpaper or a glowing image. This is a sale and the last chance to buy these candlesticks before they disappear from the market.

Arrangements with 3D Sydney wallpaper

Apart from that, we have other great wallpapers from the group of the city at night, which are an alternative to Sydney’s wallpaper. One of them is the New York 3D wallpaper which is one of our bestselling novelties.

luminous wall mural sydney basement 792x748 - Luminous Wall Mural Sydney

If someone would like to see the night in Manhattan, we have something else to your liking, it’s our HIT Manhattan 3D wallpaper on canvas. For years it has been on the list of best-selling wall murals in our store. To sum up, apart from Sydney we have at our disposal photo wallpapers that present shining cities at night.

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Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions350 × 135 cm

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