luminous Wall Mural Sunflowers Wallpaper

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Magnificent glowing dark decoration luminous sunflowers. Ideal interior decoration for the living room. If you like Van Gogh, you will surely like it.

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Weight: 1.00kg
Dimensions: 180 x 135cm

Gross price: Invoices include VAT 23% (Article 113(1))Material: Canvas made of polyester (not paper)Required UV Blue lighting (best LED) Category: Tag:


luminous Wall Mural Sunflowers Wallpaper

If you care about the quality of decoration of your room, it is worth to take an interest in this wallpaper. Very beautiful wallpaper (3D wall lining), giving a very realistic picture. It is presented in green tones with a motif of golden crowns of sunflowers, which are the main theme. Below is a sample 360x135cm model (purchase then 2 pieces). We have no more than 3 pieces left, 180x135cm each.

luminous wall mural sunflowers bedroom 2 - luminous Wall Mural Sunflowers Wallpaper

The picture evokes the mood of peace and relaxation. It will be a beautiful arrangement of any interior. Ideally suited for the decoration of hotels, guesthouses, wellness centres, beauty institutes, solariums, as well as cafes, restaurants, pizzerias and bars. It will be a beautiful decoration of corridors and cellars.

luminous wall mural sunflowers massage room - luminous Wall Mural Sunflowers Wallpaper

It will be a unique decoration of your houses and apartments. Beautifully harmonizes with dark rooms while illuminating with UV light. Subdued wallpaper, interior decoration will gain a lot when you put it on the wall. Read reviews about us and our products, so you will know why it is worth buying this 3D wall mural! You will like this wallpaper and it is really worth buying!

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Weight1.00 kg
Dimensions180 × 135 cm

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