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Skyscrapers at Night 3D Photo Wallpaper Manhattan is an amazing photo wallpaper on canvas, which is a bestseller and like New York 3D Night is the leader in sales. It has so many applications that there are practically no limitations in decoration.
Watch out! This is the final sale of the magazine until it’s completely sold out! Limited quantity.

Weight: 1kg
Dimensions: 269 x 135cm

Gross price: Invoices include VAT 23% (Article 113(1))Material: Canvas made of polyester (not paper)Required UV Blue lighting (best LED) Category: Tags: , , , , ,


 Luminous-wall Mural Skyscrapers Decoration, Which You Will Not Forget!

Luminous-wall Mural Skyscrapers is our great HIT for the wall! One of the most impressive wall murals or 3D wallcoverings! It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Textile wallpaper on canvas. Size of basic wallpaper 269×135 cm. It can be cut to any length from a roll, e.g. 400cm x 135cm or 700cm x 135cm. Watch out! You can specify multiples, e.g. 2x200cm and 150cm then you will get 550cm x 135cm.

It can be cut to any length. Since this is a wallpaper cut from a roll, the beginning and the end may fall out at random and may contain a slightly visible place where a recurring motif is joined, but at a length of 270cm all the elements will be preserved as in the drawing.

Remember that the height is constant and it is 135cm and you can buy it in centimetres! If, for example, you want to buy 350cm, then choose the options: 200cm and 150cm add twice to the basket! If 5.5 meters then 550cm = 2x200cm + 150cm!

Despite the provision of our Terms and Conditions we would like to remind you that the order of wallpapers according to the specified lengths by the customer will be treated as a special order at the customer’s request. This applies to the product described on this page.


Skyscrapers and Manhattan in Arrangements

Manhattan corridor arrangement
In the case of long rooms such as corridors, it is best to use a wall mural without windows, as the skyscrapers are invigorating and are a perfect decorative element.

luminous wall mural skyscrapers corridor - Luminous Wall Mural Skyscrapers

Cloud skyscrapers at night 3D wallpaper is one of the most universal wall decorations in the group of Night City Wallpapers. You can often meet it under the name of Manhattan wallpaper at night because it is basically the same thing.  Manhattan 3D Photo Wallpapers will appeal to young people, on dark walls without windows in children’s or teenagers’ rooms (you can read more.

luminous wall mural skyscrapers tunel metropolia 1024x576 - Luminous Wall Mural Skyscrapers

Our skyscrapers at night, like other 3D wall murals, are often used in discos as a luminous wall decoration. You may be interested in the Luminous Wall Mural Sydney or London Tower

It is a very good idea to combine different wall murals in one room. Here we have a wall mural for Manhattan and a ceiling for Cosmos: Cosmos 3D mural for Planet Comet. Thanks to this combination, the room attracts more attention.

luminous wall mural london tower exposition 1024x596 - Luminous Wall Mural Skyscrapers

It will delight as an amazing decoration of any interior of the house creating an original, unique and qualitative image. Ideal for dark rooms. It looks very good if it is longer than 200cm with repeated pattern. A painting on canvas with a city at night will delight your eye. Cloudy skyscrapers at night wallpaper for every occasion to your apartment.

Arrangement of Manhattan in a pub
Panorama with a Manhattan wallpaper vivacious room without windows, here we have a background in a place or in a pub. In a dark room there is no better solution for walls or ceilings.

Look at the video from 2:33s


Additional information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions269 × 135 cm

metry bieżące, 150cm, 200cm, 269cm

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