Luminous Wall Mural Dragons

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3D interior design mural with luminous dragon motif. Very dynamic and colourful decoration glowing in the dark. Warehouse sale of only one piece in stock. Photo wallpaper is even longer, but 10cm is not counted and treated as a margin.

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Gross price: Invoices include VAT 23% (Article 113(1))Material: Canvas made of polyester (not paper)Required UV Blue lighting (best LED) Category: Tag:


 Luminous Wall Mural Dragons, unusual which “burns”

Dragons 3D Photo Wallpaper after backlighting is incredibly impressive. The photo wallpaper shows the symbols of dragons in different places and in different poses.

luminous wall mural dragons 1 - Luminous Wall Mural Dragons

The dragon means happiness and success in the Asian tradition. The colours are very intense and pretty, and when illuminated at night, these dragons look like they’re burning on a brown background. They are very expressive and this is definitely a great wall decoration. They have a very invigorating effect on the environment.

The appearance of the wallpaper depending on the type of light

The whole model has dimensions 360x135cm (here it is without UV backlight in daylight)

Below illuminated by UV light with white light switched on:

Here we have an example in the room:

Below, illuminated by UV light in the dark, the brown background becomes darker falling into the navy blue.

luminous wall mural dragons big wall - Luminous Wall Mural Dragons
Dragons 3D Photo Wallpaper will certainly be an irreplaceable decoration of corridors and cellars. Read other people’s opinions about our wall decorations, you will know why it is worth buying this 3D wall mural!

Dragons 3D wallpaper in arrangements

luminous wall mural dragons kitchen 1024x512 - Luminous Wall Mural Dragons

Beautifully coloured walls will enliven every room, child, teenager and bedroom.

It fits well with old walls and complements wall decorations creating a more coherent arrangement.

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Dimensions350 × 135 cm

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