Luminous Wall Mural Cleopatra

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Cleopatra luminous 3D wallpaper in the form of a luminous image or wallpaper will appeal to everyone and the Egyptian climate is ideal for interior design.

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Weight: 0.5kg
Dimensions: 180 x 135cm

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Luminous Wall Mural Cleopatra in the form of an image on which you can see the Cleo ancient queen of Egypt. In the background, you can see a landscape from North Africa with palm trees and a beautiful sunset and water and tree shadows as if submerged in water. It looks like a painted picture, an excellent visual effect on the wall.

luminous wall mural cleopatra living room - Luminous Wall Mural Cleopatra

Cleopatra luminous 3D wallpaper is a beautiful luminous picture that can be mounted both in the living room and in the bedroom.

It can be recommended to restaurants with full conviction. It will work well in hotels or guesthouses. It can be placed either above the bed or on walls adjacent to the bed, as shown in the examples below.

luminous wall mural cleopatra bedroom - Luminous Wall Mural Cleopatra

In a darker room, it looks like a beautiful glowing picture that gives a noble form to the room. The interior decoration with Cleopatra’s luminous 3D wallpaper should appeal to everyone.

You can also see other wall murals from the series Women 3D. For example, the pink series for music clubs or youth rooms.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions180 × 135 cm

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