luminous red yacht - Luminous Red Yacht

Luminous Red Yacht

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Very impressive decoration, which can be both in the form of a wallpaper and a picture.

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Weight: 0.5kg
Dimensions: 180 x 135cm

Gross price: Invoices include VAT 23% (Article 113(1))Material: Canvas made of polyester (not paper)Required UV Blue lighting (best LED) Category: Tags: ,


Luminous Red Yacht is a great interior decoration that will give owners a lot of fun. Very vivid colors, on the other hand, imitation of the window on the ship.

glow in the dark decor walls - Luminous Red Yacht glow in the dark decor stairs - Luminous Red Yacht
If you like maritime subjects, especially yachts, there is nothing better. Your walls will gain as soon as you turn on the blue UV light.
Invite your friends and observe their reactions and they will be genuinely surprised.

That’s why Luminous Red Yacht is often spotted on windowless walls because it replaces the window itself.


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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions180 × 135 cm